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1 More Tatasky 4K Data channel added in TP 11170, H, 32000

Another Tatasky 4K Data channel addEd in 11170, H, 32000 .Already another Tatasky 4K Data channel in this TP.
this is in MPEG2


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  1. You got the point Dayag that the new channel is meant for another satellite 😀 From now on you will find same channels repeated twice and don’t ask me how they got bandwidth now!

  2. But now a TV channel added in TP and that takes bandwidth .
    Any doubts about adding 4K in New Satellite 😀

  3. But they did same when they added India Cricket Pack channel on channel number 400 few years back. They used to relay a duplicate channel for whichever channel showed India Cricket on that channel, it did not take additional bandwidth . For example if Star Cricket showed India matches then they used to relay it on both original LCN and channel 400. I don’t think it takes bandwidth, they can allot any number of LCN’s to any channel, it just duplicates LCN

  4. Nope. they added additional Tatasky 4K TV channel in the TP . It’s not a only name sake . all details. the differance is teh Program MAP Table -PMT is another. so it will take bandwidth in TP surely.If that’s data channel then not much bandwidth.

  5. They have added a duplicate 4K Channel on channel number 550 too. Nothing much to worry as tey can add many duplicate channels as it does not take bandwidth , just one more new LCN is assigned. So now 4K is on 400 and 550

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