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13°East + 9°East + 5°East Setup In My 12ft JAMS Dish

[i][size=5][color=#FF0080]Dear Friends
I am proudly inform you all I have hunted 3 out of coverage satellites on an one 12 ft dish @ Pondicherry,South India.

Center for [u]Eurobird 9 @ 9*E[/u]

and the upper side lnb for[u] SES 5*E[/u]

and the lower side lnb for [u]Hotbird @ 13*E.[/u]

I am very happy about the successful hunting and sharing this in an our great forum.

Pl.see the related videos and SS.[/color][/size][/i]


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  1. Punch hole means signal will come weak or wont come at all!

  2. Great achievement

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  3. 8Feet punch hole dish ok va

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  4. 8ft mesh or soilid? If solid then yes you can get easily. If it is mesh then it depends.

  5. Can i get in 8 feet at Rajasthan

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  6. General electronics Chennai

  7. Ku band feed horn yenga kedaikum

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  8. with 6 feet dish you can get some signals from those satellites.

  9. I want to hunt hotbird 13 , which size dish i need ,am from Jodhpur, Raj (west Rajasthan) please suggest me

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  10. 8feet la receive aguma.. brother

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  11. Tamil channels received on Eutelsat 9A bro

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  12. Good work , yes 13E with Side Lnb is good achievement 🙂 how many frequencies you get totally from this?

  13. Very good achievement. Receiving itself is hard and you are getting on side lnb is great work.

  14. [u][color=#FF0000][size=5]My current loction map:[/size][/color][/u]


  15. [u][color=#FF0000][size=5]Hotbird @ 13*E Screenshot[/size][/color][/u]






    [u][color=#FF0000][size=5]SES 5*E Screenshot[/size][/color][/u]






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