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20 Test Channels added on Dailog DTh

20 Test Channels added on Dailog DTH, Srilanka at 45 East.

some of the test channels have names and they are
Ngc Wild
Outdoor channel
Ten Golf
Ten HD

remaining are just Test named.


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  1. Dialog Now is just a promo channel i think, just like Home channel


  2. Thanks for confirmation , I didnt check much in STB so hard to know about this Mpeg4 conversion .

  3. Here the news ….

    Dialog TV fully converted broadcast systems to MPEG4. Now they are running MPEG4 DVB-S1 for SD channels & MPEG4 DVB-S2 for HD channels. This has naturally resulted in a increase in capacity which results in free space for many new channels.

    The following channels have been added.

    Dialog Now
    Siyatha TV
    Varnam TV
    NGC Wild
    Neo Prime
    Outdoor Channel
    Ten Golf
    Sundance Channel
    TLC HD World
    Ten HD

  4. They had at the start 4 frequencies and having 20 channels each with the total of 80 channels.

    Few months before (may be a year ago) added 01 more frequency and start with 4 HD channels and addition of 4 SD channels and make the total to 88 channels.

    Then start the upgrade of few frequencies (2) to MPEG4 from MPEG2 and added few more channels and make the count to 99 channels.

    Now, another addition of 20 channels…

  5. [quote=’Bhavan’ pid=’32719′ dateline=’1424231675′]
    Good news.

    How they get the space for 20 channels inculding 2 HD channels?

    dont know if they mentioned before that they dont have space.

    they have 5 frequencies and 125 channels is easily acceptable.quality maybe like dish tv

  6. Thank You for posting this thread. I was bussy so can’t post the all new updates . only posted the scan results.
    Many channels and updates occured in Dialog TV.

  7. Good news.

    How they get the space for 20 channels inculding 2 HD channels?

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