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200 TV channel licences pending with MIB, says joint secy R Jaya

MUMBAI: Ministry of Information &
Broadcasting (MIB) joint secretary R
Jaya has said that as many as 200 TV
channel licence applications are
pending before the ministry. The
government has so far permitted 830
satellite TV channels.
Addressing the 7th Regional Workshop
on Cable TV Digitisation in Hyderabad,
Jaya urged the state governments to
be proactive in implementing the third
phase of digital addressable system
(DAS), the deadline for which ends on
31 December 2015.
According to Jaya, DAS implementation
will help in increasing the broadband
penetration in the country. She also
said the first two phases of DAS had
enhanced entertainment tax
collection by 40 per cent.
Phase III of DAS covers 38.79 million
television households across 630
districts and 7,709 urban areas
spanning 29 states and five Union
Jaya had recently told stakeholders
to clear the misgivings in the minds of
some that the deadlines for Phases
III and IV would be extended. She also
told industry members that the
misinformation about extension of DAS
deadline should be curbed at the very
Talking about the preparedness for
DAS, Andhra Pradesh principle revenue
secretary JC Sharma said that district
nodal officers would be appointed very
soon in the state.
The day-long workshop was attended
by nodal officers and MSOs from
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil
Nadu, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep and
Andaman & Nicobar.

200 TV channel licences pending with MIB, says joint secy R Jaya

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