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24 Gantalu will close down on 20 September

“24 Gantalu will close down on 20 September. There are 14 Telugu news channels operating in that market and two more are launching. They are politically driven and it does not make sense to continue in that market,” a source familiar with the development said.

“The entire Telugu TV news business is becoming unviable because of too many players and abnormally low ad rates. Other interests rather than business seems to be the primary motive,” says a senior news channel executive.

Indiantelevision.com had reported that ZNL is planning to launch an English news channel towards the exit quarter of the fiscal as digitisation settles in the four metros.


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  1. @samanth…. leave that scroll.. but see the headline.. “rajdhanilo hitech sex dhanda”

  2. Scroll is running on the channel



  3. When every party have their own channel who will fund this channel for giving biased news? That is why funding problem.

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