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36 news channels violated ad cap rule during Mar– Jun, says TRAI

MUMBAI: With the Delhi High Court
protection behind them, 36 news
channels flouted the 12-minute ad cap
rule for the period 30 March to 29
June 2015, according to the Telecom
Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
Hindi news channel India TV is the
biggest offender airing as much as
22.66 minutes of ads (commercial and
self-promotional) per hour in the
peak time zone of 7 pm–10 pm.
Malayalam news channel Mathrubhumi
News is a minor offender airing 12.42
minutes of ads.
The English news channels are better
off than their Hindi news
counterparts airing fewer ads in the
time zone 7–10 pm.
The list, however, does not include
Times Now and NDTV 24×7. As per
information provided by TRAI, the rest
of the news channels who are not
named in the list are carrying fewer
than 12 minutes of average duration
per hour of advertisements
(commercial and self-promotional)
during peak hours (7–10 pm).
TRAI said that the information is
based on data submitted by the
broadcasters and that it bears no
responsibility for correctness of the

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