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5 More New channels added on tatasky

5 More New channels added on tatasky

they are

raj news kannada
calcutta News
news world odisha
jonack tv


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  1. all these channels wont be lasting long on DTH, they will be going Off AIr itself or will be removed due to non payment of carriage fee, tatasky just making sure people see these channels are existing on this DTH and go for it.. Anyway its not just with Tatasky alone, all DTH do the same.

  2. They are going to get many customers in their kitty and then will call themselves they are for high pyramid and raise the prices

  3. Hmmm….. once we’ve subscribed to Tatasky service and stood by it during lean period they should respect our cooperation. But still see what happens …

  4. Yes, but once this spell is over need to see the results in future 🙂

    packages needs to be adjusted , even though they are giving good offers on saturday’s

  5. OMG another shower of sd channels!! Tatasky relentlessly going on adding channels after channels. The dry spell is now over.

  6. So as of now 12 new channels testing on tatasky

  7. Express Update by MJ Bhai.

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