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5 Vertical TPs testing by Tatasky

Tatasky is once again back in testing Vertical TPs. This time 5 TPs are testing.



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  1. I am getting more than 8 db Signals in all V Transponders but 1 TP is locking offen.. only once 11510 V was locked..

  2. i am getting signal from GSAT10-K9 TPS but channels not working.

  3. Exclusive Update by MjBro.

  4. good news for us.

  5. Great news MH Bro! Is is still active as normally when they teat V TP’s then corresponding H TP shows less signal but this time it is not happening.

    Is this some kind of hidden testing like theu did earlier for some channels too?

  6. Bang bang news sir ji

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