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9XO added on Tatasky DTH and currently testing

9XO channel added on TAtasky and is currently testing on tp 10970 H 32000 in place of Tesservice1327


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  1. * New *
    9XO () 10970, H, 32000

  2. [quote=’SPANDAN’ pid=’42607′ dateline=’1444219680′]
    So still 22 test channels??

    yes 1 test left on 11170 H

    10 on 11470  and 11 on 11510

  3. I am also surprised to see a SD Channel in this Transponder..

  4. So still 22 test channels??

  5. yes, i thought it might be some Karaoke service, never expected them to Test 9XO on it.

  6. But u said 2 test service might be karaoke.

  7. still 22 are pending to be added and updated with channel names

  8. OHHH MYY GOD!!!! Pich me. Am i dreaming MJBhai. Yes yes yes. I love u Mjbhai.

  9. sirji thanx for exclusive update 🙂

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