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A la carte prices of 97 channels Hiked in Tatasky..

Bang bang … jai ho tatasky..
Tatassky hiked the a la carte prices of 97 channels right now ..
For details Click [url=http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Tatasky-and-Tatasky-HD-updates-from-Insat-4A?pid=42946#pid42946]Here[/url]

Now the minimum Price is Rs 7/- pm….


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  1. I think in coming days that too very soon we can expect a marginal Hike in Base pack too ..
    They have added channels like adding in new DTH services..

  2. If channels are added then the package price should go up and not ala carte price of other channels.

  3. In reply to my mail CEO desk replied that they have increased price marginally when you consider the number of chnls added. What to say!?

  4. Its 97 Channels.. In the list there r 4 other daily updating channels .. including those Showcase..

  5. 101 channel prices increased. Good move by Tata Sky.

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