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Actress SUNAINA changed her name to ANUSHA

Actress Sunaina of Neerparavai fame has
changed her name to Anusha. She will be
mentioned as ‘Anusha’ in the title card of her
upcoming film Nambiar.
Ask her about the change, and she says, “It is
completely my parents’ decision. I have been
called Sunaina since childhood. Though a few
pundits told them that my name should start
with a certain letter, they were not particular
about it at that time. They decided to name me
Sunaina because they liked it. But now, after
many years, they’ve consulted a pundit and
learnt that certain letters would be good for
me. That’s the reason for the change. I will be
officially called Anusha henceforth.”
Getting used to a new name is not an easy task
for anybody, but Anusha has been trying. “My
mom and friends have already started calling
me Anusha! But I don’t see much of a
difference because they were anyway calling
me by a nickname and not my original name,”
says Anusha, who is currently busy finalizing a
couple of projects in Tamil, “But, what’s in a
name? My character in real life will remain the
same.” But, does she like her new name, we
persist. “Oh yes, I do.”

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