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ADTV added iMusicspace….

iMusicspace added in ADTV….


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  1. I said and took lightly … u can see the smiley.. 🙂

  2. I never said so. Take things lightly.

  3. That doesnt effect or we dont follow those sites for confirmations or giving updates… … 😛

  4. Ok. First sentence is right. Mistaken. The link is from the official fb page of Airtel.

  5. U R mistaken bcoz of name.. This is a Data channel . also its not iMusicspace but iMusicspace Radio Service and its a TV Channel…
    BTW No need to show what other sites show .. i am posting according to the Scan and confirm bfore posting … U have to show whether its posted in this forum only…
    Can u show me iMusicspace Chanel in this list which is posted after that so called official site .. http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–Available-channels-list-from-ADTV-Transpondrs-on-22nd-Jan-2016

  6. This service is available in Airtel DTH for months. You can verify with the following link from airtel official page.Its dated on Jan 20. But the service is available even before that.

  7. Its already available for many months.

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