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AIFF should not allow broadcasters to dictate scheduling, says Indian football coach

MUMBAI: Indian football coach Stephen
Constantine has asserted that the All
India Football Federation (AIFF)
should not allow the broadcasters to
dictate terms when it comes to
preparing the schedule for domestic
Constantine opined that AIFF needs to
get its act together as far as
domestic scheduling is concerned. He
also said that the development of
game should get priority over TV
ratings while preparing the domestic
His plea to the AIFF is to bring its
calendar in line with Fifa so that the
Indian team gets enough international
exposure by getting to play friendly
matches on days reserved by the
international governing body.
“Is it that difficult to sync your
calendar? It’s not when you’ve the
development of the game (as target).
It is when you’re thinking about TV
ratings, maybe. It is when you’re
thinking about other things,”
Constantine told The Indian Express
following India’s goalless draw
against Nepal in Monday’s friendly in
“I hope all the powers that be,
whoever they are, sit around a table
and say what do we want for Indian
football? It’s not possible that a TV
station can tell us when we can start
our season. But that seems to be one
of the problems,” he added.
Constantine is not too enthused with
the upcoming SAFF Cup, the draw for
which will be held in Delhi on 17
SAFF Cup will be held just three days
after the second edition of the Indian
Super League (ISL) concludes. The
second season of ISL will kick-off on
3 October and will end on 6 December,
while the SAFF Cup will begin on 23
December and end on 2 January 2016.
Expressing his displeasure at the
timing of the tournament,
Constantine said he was in favour of
organising the tournament in June
after the Guam match. He also said
that conducting SAFF Cup three days
after the ISL ‘defies logic’.
“Problem I have with SAFF is the
timing. I had asked it to be held after
the Guam game in June when I had the
players together for a couple of
weeks. For reasons unknown to me,
it’s December,” Constantine said.
“Now, the ISL final is on 20
December. And then on 23rd you start
the SAFF. So I would not be able to
take players from four teams who are
in the semifinal… I have to decide
when I can start the camp. For me, it
defies logic — from our point of
view,” he pointed out.

AIFF should not allow broadcasters to dictate scheduling, says Indian football coach

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