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Airtel Store Velachery Chennai bad experience

I went to Chennai and there I went to Velachery Airtel Store which was near Velachery Railway station with my friend. The way they treated their customers was not good.

My friend wanted to change his broadband plan from 8mbps to 16mbps and he got a call from Airtel dealer asking whether to upgrade it and at that time he was busy with some other work so he wanted them to call later but they never called back.

He thought to go to Airtel store as per some ones advice we both went there. There we asked whether they deal with broadband plan upgrades and for that one customer care fellow sitting near the glass door in the last counter in a rude way told us to get Token number first! There were hardly anyone and it has some 8 counters I think. We got token number 2! Then they made us wait for some 15 minutes and we got our chance at Counter 4. No customer sitting in any counter and these fellows some of them playing games with their mobile and some were talking with their friends in mobile!

In the counter 4 when we enquired about this he asked another person in adjacent counter and they were laughing and talking about us that first of all this customer (thinking we wont hear) wont get such plans. They then told us to contact Airtel CC! Then they gave Airtel CC number which we anyway know. For this we had to take a token and have to wait this long.

I feel they are next to waste and only when no other option to pay the bill one should go there. Else totally we should boycott these kinds of craps. Earlier Airtel used to treat their customers much better but now a days it is going bad that too when we go to stores like these. Shame on Velachery Airtel Store.


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  1. Yes YOU BB is available in Chennai also in Tansi Nagar area of Velachery.

  2. most of the BB connection is costly and YOU BB is available in chennai?

  3. We checked ACT but they don’t have feasibility in our part of Velachery. Else it is very good compared to Airtel. I tell my friend the idea you told lets see. Most of the Broadband providers, ACT, YOU are available in Velachery Area but none after GuruNanak college and till Check Post.

    ACT Rs.999 for 70GB with 15mbps and uploads not counted! Airtel 15mbps 35GB (Uploads, Downloads all counted) with 1000 local calls Rs.1649! Airtel is damn costly.

  4. Yes , Airtel CC is not good now a days. I too had bad exp with them.

    If you (your friend)are in Velachery , check for ACT Broadband about feasibility and call Airtel CC and tell that you want to discontinue and shift to ACT BB. Mostly they will give offer to you , one of my friend got offer – 8 Mbps with 50 GB (Unlimited) , 1000 calls free for Rs 1199.

    Normally 30 GB – 8Mbps costs Rs 1749. Airtel BB is facing tough competition from ACT BB in Velachery.

  5. But Airtel should be careful in giving franchise to these kinds of rude craps. In the end if I am angry with that customer care fellow then I wont simply pay the bill! Loss is not for that rude fellow but it is for Airtel. They are not the only provider and also they are no cheap either.

  6. it depends on the locality i guess, i never had bad experience in kodambakkam branch situated on arcot road.

  7. Most of the persons there do look unqualified and they don’t even bother to answer. Atleast they gave you Customer care number thinking you don’t know. Earlier Airtel used to take tough interviews when they select people for Customer care and also will mostly appoint good looking females. But now mostly some x,y,z comes and sits there and he don’t talk properly in any language and also has no knowledge about what he is doing!

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