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All 9 Channels added by Tatasky in STB

All 9 channels are now available to Tatasky subscribers in STB


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  1. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’47708′ dateline=’1455972448′]
    in FTA receivers it is coming I had checked ,

    But not in DD.. so then DD is not  tracking those streams if its in another format… so then it may be a Bug in DD…

  2. I see the DSNG which stands for Digital Satellite news Gathering … also Turbo … is that shows the stream of uploading ?

  3. here is what i am talking about.. the real confusion see the frequency

  4. in FTA receivers it is coming I had checked ,

  5. Yes I checked like same in DVB Dream which is not scanning those V TPs… even u didnt get in FTA Reciever then how many experts got them in NIT ? Strange … 🙁

  6. [quote=’Mr.Kumarbhai’ pid=’47696′ dateline=’1455969164′]
    I think in the morning did u got the V TP in NIT ? i have not checked bcoz added all V TPs in the TP List for scan…

    you can try to scan now without selecting those V tps and get idea about what i am mentioning

  7. no, not getting this V tp in NIT on dvb scan software since yesterday itself. only if we add manually it comes

    During first testing the channels are showing as added on V tps.. then after sometime they are showing as transmitting from H new TPs

  8. I think in the morning did u got the V TP in NIT ? i have not checked bcoz added all V TPs in the TP List for scan…

  9. Lets Just forget V or H .. and If we select tatasky Home TP and do NIT scan……. same like we do to D2h, RDTV, Sun Direct or Dishtv.. in all these all the frequency gets added up and scans but here this is strange thing happening in case of this V tp..
    either it could be bug with dvb dream or something else 🙁

  10. just to say that even u scan NIT Using 10970 V then also getting Only Those 3 H TPs.. earlier in the morning i got All H Transponders by using 10970 V itself but now its not coming…
    In Blind scan i am not getting those 3 H TPs..

  11. Not Blind Scan but NIT itself but Not from Dvb Dream.. even u Scan NIT then also u get those H TPs..

  12. this is blindscan i guess? i am talking about NIT with any one Frequency if u scan in dvbdream.. Just select any one H tp and do NIT scan . u will not get V tps but get all other H tps 12 + 3 New .. this is what is confusing…

  13. For me Vertical Transponders r coming in NIT…

  14. They are surely doing some redirecting or some gummick here..

  15. its all really confusing… in PC scan with NIT the new Vertical TP is not added in NIT but the 11210 H and 11370 H are existing in NIT scans….

    so what is really going ON ?

    If we add the frequency manually for Vertical then only it is coming with new channels.. but the new H tps says no signal

    Scanning 11210 H 32720 8PSK 2/3 r:0.20… –
    No Signal !

    Scanning 11370 H 32720 8PSK 2/3 p:On r:0.35… –
    No Signal !

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