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Alternative for Monoblock LNB if you cannot get it.

Many members are either not able to get monoblock lnb or do not wish to buy it due to some reasons.

So we can easily combine two single Ku-band lnbs with a DiSEqC switch and use it to get beams from satellites separated by an angle. Incase of DishTruHD monoblock lnb, the angle is fixed at 4.3 degrees. But this one is flexible in terms of separation angle and look angle.

Cost of this contraption = Rs240 (2 Ku-band LNBs)+Rs150 (4-in-1 DiSEqC switch) = Rs390.
Cost of monoblock LNB varies from Rs400 to Rs650.

[color=#000080]For now only LNB pics as I am fitting this on my dish antenna. Later I will post the performance of this with TV screen images and signal details.[/color]


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  1. Good effort. Now connected and enjoying?

  2. Performance will be good little less than the Monoblock in some cases.

  3. @Vinay, I have updated the images.

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