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Animal Planet to launch new series ‘Wonders of Life’

MUMBAI: Animal Planet is all set to
bring a new series, ‘Wonders of Life’,
to discover the science that rules the
The show will launch on 14 September.
It will air at 8 pm from Monday to
Friday. It will look at natural history
from a physics perspective, revealing
how a few fundamental laws gave
birth to life.
‘Wonders of Life’ will see each
episode tackle a different aspect of
life on Earth. It will travel to a single
location that illustrates this best.
Presented by renowned British
physicist Professor Brian Cox, the
show will travel the world to reveal
the science behind life on our planet.
Cox is an English physicist and
professor of particle physics in the
School of Physics and Astronomy at
the University of Manchester. He
embarks upon an exploration of life.
In the first episode ‘Home’, Cox
visits Central America to tell the
story of how earth became the life-
supporting biosphere that it is today.
He explores Borneo, one of the most
bio-diverse places on the planet and
narrates how Orangutans have similar
DNA to humans and how they are
specialised for a life lived in the
forest canopy.
In Australia, ‘Same Planet, Different
Worlds’ explores how size determines
the nature of life. Cox will explain
how the distinctive streamlined
contours of the great white have been
shaped by the physics of water.
Another episode, ‘Spark of Life’,
travels to one of the world’s most
volcanic regions. Cox goes to South
East Asia’s ring of fire to explore the
line that separates life from death
and asks what is life.
‘Expanding the Universe’ is a unique
retelling of our evolutionary history.
Another episode, ‘The Web’, visits the
bio-diverse hot spots of Southern
Africa and Madagascar.

Animal Planet to launch new series ‘Wonders of Life’

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