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Arasu Cable’s revenue stands at Rs 181.91 cr in FY15

MUMBAI: Tamil Nadu government-
owned multi-system operator (MSO)
Arasu Cable TV Corporation has posted
revenues of Rs 181.91 crore (Rs 1.82
billion) in FY15, according to a policy
note tabled by the information
technology department in the state
Comparatively, the MSO had posted
revenues of Rs 185 crore (Rs 1.85
billion) in FY14 including a maiden net
profit of Rs 12.02 crore (Rs 120.2
When the AIADMK government took
over in May 2011, Arasu’s revenue was
only Rs 2 crore (Rs 20 million) in
FY11, which later went up to Rs 64.8
crore (Rs 648 million) in FY12.
Arasu has a subscriber base of
340,000 in Chennai through 820 local
cable operators (LCOs). It provides
90–100 channels in Chennai.
In Tamil Nadu, it has a base of 7.052
million subscribers through 26,246
local cable operators. In September
2011, TACTV had a mere 494,000
subscribers, the policy note said.

Arasu Cable’s revenue stands at Rs 181.91 cr in FY15

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