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AsiaSat launches ultra-HD TV channel 4K-SAT

This new UHD channel will be
available free-to-air (FTA)
across more than 50 countries
and regions within AsiaSat 4’s
Satellite operator Asia
Satellite Telecommunications
(AsiaSat) announced the launch
of its first Ultra-HD (UHD)
television channel ‘4K-SAT’ at
122°E on AsiaSat 4.
This new UHD channel will be
available free-to-air (FTA)
across more than 50 countries
and regions within AsiaSat 4’s
footprint, spanning from New
Zealand to Pakistan and parts
of the Middle East. Asian TV
operators and home viewers
with an AsiaSat 4 C-band
antenna and a HEVC set top box
will be able to receive the UHD
channel directly.
The new 4K-SAT channel
broadcasts full UHD produced
videos featuring fashion,
lifestyle and documentaries
from content partners including
Hong Kong Cyberport
Management Company Limited,
FashionTV and Rohde &
The UHD content from
FashionTV includes major
fashion shows from all over the
world as well as features
highlighting the latest in
beauty and lifestyle trends.
FashionTV also broadcasts its
HD and SD channels on AsiaSat 5
and AsiaSat 7 in the Asia-
Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President,
Marketing and Global Accounts
of AsiaSat said, “We are
delighted to be at the
forefront of next generation
broadcasting technology,
bringing to Asian viewers true
UHD content. We look forward
to working closely with our
content and technology
partners to drive UHD audience
penetration in Asia.
“The launch of this UHD channel
on our new AsiaSat 4 UHD
broadcast platform provides an
opportunity for all
stakeholders to experience and
promote UHD content in Asia.
This reaffirms our commitment
to promoting leading edge
technologies for the broadcast
community. We shall continue
to focus on compelling UHD
content to enhance the quality
of the television viewing
The 4K-SAT channel encoded in
HEVC, is broadcasting at 50
frames per second (fps) with
10-bit colour depth. Besides
offering 3840 x 2160 pixels
resolution, four times the
resolution of the full HDTV,
the UHD specification also
means a richer colour palette,
with more saturated colours
and fine colour gradations.
AsiaSat will be showcasing this
new 4K-SAT channel at the
CASBAA Convention in Hong
Kong on October 27 and 28. http://www.exchange4media.mobi/story.aspx?news_id=62112

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