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BBC Worldwide brings new factual entertainment titles to Mipcom

MUMBAI: BBC Worldwide will be
launching two new factual
entertainment titles, ‘The Big Catch’
and ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell
Week’ at Mipcom 2015.
‘The Big Catch’ presenter Ben Fogle
and Jason Falla, a Special Forces
veteran in ‘Special Forces-Ultimate
Hell Week’ are both in attendance at
the market.
Chris Evans will also be heading to
Cannes with BBC Worldwide to meet
international buyers. In June the BBC
announced Chris as the new presenter
of ‘Top Gear’, the motoring
entertainment show.
BBC Worldwide president of global
markets Paul Dempsey commented:
“We’re delighted to be joined at
Mipcom by Chris, Ben and Jason to
celebrate the world’s favourite car
show, the ultimate fishing
competition and the toughest
endurance challenge you can
‘The Big Catch’ sees eight passionate
enthusiasts compete in an epic fishing
contest as they set out on an
adventure that takes them to the
most dramatic and challenging fishing
destinations around the world.
Ben Fogle is the presenter of this
series. He has rowed the Atlantic
Ocean and run across the Sahara. Now
he will traverse the Channel to attend
BBC Worldwide’s Factual
Entertainment launch in Cannes.
A BBC production, ‘Special Forces –
Ultimate Hell Week’, is produced by
Rachel Watson and is presented by ex-
professional sports man, Andrew
‘Freddie’ Flintoff (Freddie Flintoff
Goes Wild). It sees 29 super fit men
and women take on the challenge of
their lives when they have to endure
12 days straight of physical and
mental endurance masterminded by
some of the world’s toughest military
units, to find out who comes out on
Australian military expert, Jason
Falla, contributes his years of
training to push the competitors
through their gruelling trials in
Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week
alongside experts from the US Navy
Seals, the Philippines’ Navsog (Naval
Special Operations Group), the
Russian Spetsnaz (Special Purpose
Forces), Israel’s Sayret, Australian
SAS as well as the UK’s SAS and will be
able to share his experiences with
buyers at the Factual Entertainment
launch in Cannes.
BBC Worldwide head of factual
entertainment Lifestyle Andrea
Olsson said: “BBC Worldwide has a
tradition of exploding niche passions
into huge global hits, as demonstrated
by ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Great British
Bake Off’. ‘The Big Catch’ and
‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’
build on that tradition by supersizing
angling and endurance challenges,
offering a real sense of adventure and
‘The Great British Bake Off ‘ returns
for a sixth season and is now shown in
202 territories globally. ‘Hemsley +
Hemsley – The Art of Eating Well’
invites viewers to step into the world
of passionate foodie sisters Jasmine
and Melissa Hemsley as they take
healthy eating to innovative new

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