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BCCI President Jagmohan Dalmiya passes away

BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya
passed away aged 75 late on Sunday.
The veteran cricket administrator had
suffered a cardiac arrest recently and
was undergoing treatment.
His health has been a cause of concern
for a long time but he was said to be
recuperating well in Kolkata. Dalmiya
was a well-known cricket
administrator and former ICC
President as well. He was credited
largely with bringing in money into
Indian cricket during his initial years
with the Board.
Dalmiya was admitted to the hospital
on Thursday after he complained of
chest pain. He was kept under
observation in the hospital after
Dalmiya became the ICC President in
1997 after winning the election. In
2001, he became BCCI president and
later returned as interim president of
the board in 2013 when N Srinivasan
was sidelined due to the IPL probe. In
2015, he was again elected unopposed
as BCCI president. Apart from being
known as the man who brought in a lot
of wealth into Indian cricket, Dalmiya
was considered an administrator who
kept the interests of players’ in the
He entered the BCCI folds in 1979 and
played a crucial hand in bringing the
World Cup to the sub-continent in
1987. He was also instrumental in
resuming cricketing ties with South
Africa after apartheid and later
transformed the way the world looked
at Indian cricket by simply it a
stronghold of cricket, financially.
His steadfast support for the Indian
players in 2001 when match refree
Mike Denness accused them of ball-
tampering earned him a lot of respect
from the players as well. His power in
BCCI was unopposed until 2005 when
Sharad Pawar beat him in the
presidential elections. Dalmiya was
later banned from any affairs of the
BCCI and was accused of
misappropriation of funds but was
later cleared by the court.
He won the Cricket Association of
Bengal (CAB) elections soon after but
was sidelined after the emergence of
N Srinivasan. When Srinivasan was
embroiled in the IPL controversy,
Dalmiya was asked to step in once
again in 2013 as interim president and
began another tryst whilst holding
the top post in Indian cricket
BCCI expressed its condolence after
the sudden demise while BCCI
secretary Anurag Thakur called it a
personal loss. Since Dalmiya passed
away during his tenure as BCCI
president, the Secretary will be
expected to convene a Special General
Body meeting to nominate a new
“On behalf of all the members of BCCI,
I wish to submit our condolences to
the bereaved family of Mr. Dalmiya. As
a visionary and a father figure of
Indian cricket, Mr. Dalmiya worked
towards the development of the game
of cricket in India. The cricketing
fraternity will miss him dearly.
“Mr. Dalmiya played a significant part
in positioning Indian cricket at the
global level and the astute
administrator in him, guided Indian
cricket to greater heights. His
untiring efforts will be remembered
for generations to come and his
contribution to Indian cricket will
remain unparalleled,” said Thakur in a
कोलकाता। भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड
(बीसीसीआइ) के अध्यक्ष जगमोहन डालमिया का
कोलकाता के अस्पताल निधन हो गया। 75 वर्षीय
डालमिया को गुरुवार रात सीने में दर्द की शिकायत के
बाद बीएम बिरला अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया गया था।
हालांकि अस्पताल में भर्ती कराए जाने के एक दिन बाद
डालमिया का उपचार कर रहे डाक्टर ने कहा था कि
उनकी स्थिति पहले से बेहतर है। डालमिया पिछले काफी
समय से बीमार चल रहे हैं जिसके कारण वह
बीसीसीआइ की गतिविधियों में भी सक्रिय रूप से
हिस्सा नहीं ले पा रहे थे।
डालमिया ने इस वर्ष मार्च में दूसरी बार बीसीसीआइ
प्रमुख का पद संभाला था। वह दस वर्ष के लंबे
अंतराल के बाद पुन: इस पद पर चुने गए थे। हालांकि
तभी से उनके स्वास्थ्य में काफी गिरावट आई थी।

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