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Big Magic Ganga rebranded as ‘Big Ganga’; to turn into a pay channel

RBNL has undertaken a brand
refreshment exercise for the
channel, positioning it in a
more contemporary style; the
network is looking to drive
subscription revenue by making
it a pay channel, no longer
available for free on any of the
DTH or MSO platforms
Big Magic Ganga which is the
Bhojpuri channel under Reliance
Broadcast Network Ltd. (RBNL)
is expected to change the name
to Big Ganga as it will drop the
word ‘Magic’ from the name.
The broadcaster has already
filed for a change of name and
is awaiting permission from the
Information and Broadcast
Ministry (MIB). The network is
looking to drive subscription
revenues up from both the
channels as it will no longer be
available for free on any of the
DTH or MSO platforms. The
change comes as the network
has undertaken brand
refreshment exercise for its
television channels and radio
channel Big FM. It has also
changed the positioning of the
channel to adopt a more
contemporary style of
programming with an appeal to
the youth.
Ashwin Padmanabhan, COO,
RBNL said, “The objective of
the channel is to make the new
India laugh, which means we
are targeting 15-30 year olds
using comedy as a genre. With
that objective in mind the
development of a lot of new
shows is happening”. The
channel has undertaken even in
its programming as the
channel’s top rated show Akbar
Birbal has been repositioned as
‘Hazir Jawab Birbal’ and
changes have even extended to
the casting of new actors as
Akbar and Birbal to appeal to
the youth. The show was
launched on August 17, 2015
and will feature from Monday
to Friday at the 9 pm slot.
Another show is BOYZ which is a
fresh take on three college
friends from varied
backgrounds and their daring
escapades around fantasies,
aspirations and ways to attract
the fairer sex. The show which
was launched on August 24,
2015 is available from Monday
to Friday at 10 pm.
Apart from this are two shows
which it will launch one called
‘Pyaar Marriage Shhh’ which is
will launch on September 7 and
the other is expected to be a
talk show which they are
expected to launch by the end
of September. The channel is
currently working on the talk
show and is the process of
selecting a suitable host for
the show.
Padmanabhan further
highlighted the channel’s move
towards creating content which
is suitable across all platforms
be it radio, television or
digital. The network is also
extensively working on short
format shows on the television
channel. “We are investing a
lot in short format shows. This
audience is someone who would
like to come in have a laugh and
probably go back doing
something else. The core of our
strategy is whatever we create
it will go across TV, radio and
digital. Shopkeeper-Chutki has
become a rage. The amount of
conversations around it is
phenomenal. We have clearly
seen short formats work,” said
Padmanabhan. Another short
format show which has been
adopted from Big FM is Aktor
calling Aktor which is in the
Muppet format on television.
“There is a synergy that we
are building for the short
formats across radio, TV and
digital. So there is a wider
reach that gets built for any
advertiser that comes in,” he

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