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Big Magic targets young adults with two new shows

audience, Big
Magic is

30. The first show is called Boyz ,
which recently went on air, whereas
the other show – Pyar Marriage Shhhh
(PMS) will begin airing from 7
Reliance Broadcast Network COO
Ashwin Padmanabhan said, “We have
successfully created a position of our
channel in the comedy space. Our new
programming content is based in an
urban kind of setting.”
What’s more, Big Magic is also
planning to launch another three to
four shows and short formats in the
coming months. “We are working on a
talk show format, which is likely to
launch in the next three months. We
are also getting multiple short
formats like Chutki and
Shopkeeper, which has become very
big already. We have introduced
another short format called Mania Ki
Dunia. The short-format YouTube
content, which already has 20 million
views, will also be put on radio,
television and online. As we started
building comedy as a genre, our effort
is to create relevance of this genre
across multiple platforms,” he added.
Elaborating the story of new shows,
Padmanabhan said, “The theme
of Boyz is about three college friends
and their crazy experiences of coming
out of their comfort zone and
discovering life. So it’s a typical
college story but like every other
boy, they carry the fantasy of not
just the perfect job but also the girl
of their dreams. Each character is
sketched extremely sharply and
differently. The show will fill in the
gap of urban TV viewing male audience
with an edginess that has hitherto
been unavailable on television.”
The theme of Boyz captures the
target audience who are in a similar
phase and hence the youth can relate
to it. “This high octane comedy is
another innovation in Big Magic’s
attempt at strengthening its new
positioning in providing edgy and
contemporary content,” Padmanabhan
Speaking about Pyar Marriage Sshh ,
Padmanabhan said, “The show has a
very interesting plot about three
friends and revolves around the crazy
things that happens to them. These
guys are neighbours who come
together and become friends. Every
episode shows something new
happening in their life.”
Being the only channel that focuses
solely on the comedy genre, Big Magic
has a clear cut vision to make young
India laugh out loud and the
programming strategy is based around
the same philosophy.
The channel will now also venture into
the episodic format. Speaking on the
same, Padmanabhan informed, “The
story starts and ends with the
episodes. It’s just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S
wherein every episode is new and
different in its own way. A story will
not carry forward into the next
episode. It’s the kind of content that
works with the current generation.”
Following the international
format, Boyz will have multiple
seasons and each season will have a
run period of six months. Following
the format, Big Magic has already re-
launched Hazir Jawab Birbal, which
was earlier named as Akbar Birbal.
Addressing the need gap for male
centric entertainment shows, Big
Magic took the humour approach to
attract its TG. Padmanabhan added,
“There’s not much good content
available for men on television and
that’s why men tend to consume more
news or sports. Humour has a
wide appeal so, if we present a story
from a man’s perspective, the kind of
humour gets integrated across the
Big Magic will be promoting the shows
across platform. “Digital is a very key
component of marketing strategy.
Apart from that, we are also using
television channels that are targeting
young adults like MTV and Bindass as
well as news channels. Along with
promotions, we are also doing a whole
lot of integration. Funny portions of
the content is cut and tweaked for
radio. RJs from our networks as well
as partner networks are supporting
this campaign. In radio, apart from
the in-house Big FM, we have also
roped in Fever 104 and Red FM as
partners,” he informed.
The marketing initiative will cut
across major cities like Ahmedabad,
Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai,
Kanpur, Lucknow, Baroda and Surat.
The campaign has been developed by
Grey Worldwide, whereas MEC is the
media buying agency. The digital
campaigns are being handled by
Resultrix Media.
Throwing light on the research that
was done before launching the shows,
Padmanabhan said, “From the show
perspective, we do a pilot testing,
which has been done across some
centres in Mumbai, Delhi and other
metro cities. On the basis of that, we
received good feedback. We are not
only testing the shows but are also
testing the promos online.”
There was a pre-launch campaign
rolled out for Boyz where people were
asked to give their feedback on the
promos that were uploaded on

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