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C musictv&Sharnam Channel Added on DEN Digital

C MusicTv & Sharnam Channel Added. C Music tv is an Internation classic music channel n Sharnam channel is an Marathi Buddha channel.


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  1. Rare budhist channel addition.

  2. Good music playing.

  3. Cmusictv on LCN 489. Sharnam on LCN 809

  4. Bro please post the channel number ?

  5. I think many Channels without permissions r avail in few cable networks.. so 1 more to the list…

  6. Kumarbhai even i Googled (C music tv) channel n it was written that in India they r waiting for permission. But we r getting it.

  7. Ohhh C Music TV in Cable.. great to see the channel… i dont know whether the channel have the rights to download in India..

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