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Cable operators using jammers

Local cable operators are at it again. They are blocking signals of DTH providers by using signal jammers. It was only when DTH players service team measured the disruptive signals coming from a local body and not satellite signals, post numerous customer complaints in certain areas that the issue come to light. This is outrageous! I have heard about cable goons not allowing DTH engineers in the premise they are operating but this is height. Hope our authorities nib this in the bud and take legal actions. [url]http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/City/Mumbai/Direct-to-home-players-accuse-cable-operators-of-jamming-signals-approach-Mumbai-police-commissioner/articleshow/38817713.cms[/url]


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  1. i also agree most cable operators are politicians.

  2. This is very disruptive. We were falsely believing about signal disruptions due to weather conditions but this is just a malice caused by these cable guys and very wrong. Strict action should be taken.

  3. It is very much possible as I have heard they were planing like this few years back itself.

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