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Change In Pack Prices

Effective from 08 February 2012, the prices of the below packs have been revised as below:

PACK New Monthly Price (Rs) & New Annual Price (Rs) which are in ( )

COSMO 55 (660)
English News No change (360)
English Movies No change (720)
English Entertainment 55 (660)
AXN 20 (NA)
BBC Entertainment 20 (NA)
Discovery Turbo 20 (NA)
Fox Crime 20 (NA)
FX 20 (NA)
NDTV Good Times 20 (NA)
STAR World 20 (NA)
TLC 20 (NA)
Zee Café 20 NA
Comedy Central No change NA

All existing subscribers will enjoy price protection up to first six months of having subscribed to the pack.

FAQs on Price changes on English Content

1 What are the new price changes on Tata Sky?

Wef 8 Feb 2012, prices of the listed packs will undergo a change. Please refer Sheet 2
(New prices) for the price change.

2 Has the price for English Movies/ English News monthly pack also changed?
No Sir, price for English Movies monthly pack remains unchanged at Rs60 pm/Rs30pm.

3 I took English Entertainment pack in January’12. Will the price of my pack change again?
Sir, since you took our pack just one month back, you fall under our six month price protection policy and you will continue to pay Rs50 pm up to 6 month for your age on the pack. After completion of six months on the pack, your pack will be charged as per the new pack price.

4 I am on a Annual Cosmo Pack, will I be charged as per the new pack price?
Yes sir, when you renew your pack this time, the new pack rates will be applicable.

5 I have been holding Star World for past 8 months, will I be charged as per the new price from now onwards?
Yes Sir, you account will be charged as per the new price i.e. Rs20 pm for the channel. You can also choose to take our English Entertainment pack at Rs55 pm or can also take Annual Pack of the same.

6 Why is there a price hike on these channels/ packs?
Tata Sky believes in enriching the content and bring newer channels on the platform. With newer & better channels coming on the platform, the price needs to be adjusted accordingly. e.g., Comedy Central has been added to English Entertainment / Cosmo pack now.

Similarly there have also been situations when the content has been given but no price increase has been affected such as in the case of addition of Paras, Disha TV, Zee Salaam.

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