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Chennai Cable TV rates increased

Chennai cable TV rates has been increased to Rs.120 from March 2015 🙁 Scroll running in local Cable channel asking us to pay more citing that Pay channel operators have increased the rates :@ But those mad fellows trying to fool us like this when we aren’t getting any pay channels in the first place.

Sun TV & Vijay TV are given free to these fellows as people didn’t bother to buy STB when they went pay for few weeks.


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  1. My operator was first with SCV then he went to Arasu and now to Aadhar. Waiting for them to cut off analogue.

  2. The LCOs in chennai are nor trust able, any time they change the MSO.

  3. They increased seeing DTH services rates because they think people won’t go to DTH as it is lot more costlier now. But Sun Direct pack which has similar channels like in Cable costs Rs.137 Per month and picture clarity also lot better.

  4. the cost of running the industry must have gone up and blaming it on pay tv for fooling the customers.

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