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Comedy Central revamps; positions as ‘Your Happy Place’

slew of new shows.
Moving away from the tagline of
‘Laugh it off,’ the channel has now
adopted ‘Your Happy Place’ as its new
Three and a half year since its launch,
Viacom 18’s Comedy Central is now
poised for a new beginning with ‘Your
Happy Place,’ which will reflect on
the channel from 10 September, 2015.
Speaking to Indiantelevision.com,
Viacom 18 executive vice president –
English entertainment Ferzad Palia
said, “We had launched with ‘Laugh it
off’ three and half years back and
now after serving the country with
comedy and laughter, we think it’s
time for us to call it ‘Your Happy
Place.’ The fact is established now
that Comedy Central is a place that
will make you happy and hence the
new tagline.”
Comedy Central aims to bring a fresh
take on its brand elements and
content with this change. The new
look showcases this positioning by
using a rich and vibrant color palette,
slick animation and an overall design
package that is very easy on the
eyes. Using the circle to signify
locations and happy zones, these
elements also help to highlight each
show. The use of innovative stickers
helps qualify these shows as well. The
entire creative aspect was taken care
of by the in-house team.
Understanding the pulse of its
viewers, Comedy Central India has
repositioned itself aiming to increase
the engagement with viewers through
a new line-up of diverse shows in
September including the likes
of Younger, Betty White’s Off Their
Rockers, Your Family or Mine and T he
Mindy Project Season 3.
“This is just the beginning. We will
have more new shows coming in and it
will be a new Comedy Central with
‘Your Happy Place,’ ” informed Palia.
While content acquisition costs have
been increasing at a brisk pace, the
question is whether the English
entertainment genre in India has a
strong enough revenue model. To this,
Palia said, “The English
entertainment space has spread
enormously over the last few years.
So the demand has increased and
subsequently the cost has gone up.
When it comes to Viacom 18, we have
our business model and we are doing
good. Comedy Central has performed
beyond expectations both from
consumer point of view as well as
business point of view.”
Apart from high cost of content,
piracy is another menace that the
English entertainment genre has been
grappling with. However, now with
the US simulcast and instant
premieres, that aspect is partly taken
care of. That aside, will the emerging
OTT platforms and Netflix’s impending
arrival, pose a threat to the channels
having English shows? Palia replied,
“I don’t think there will be an either
– or situation in India. Both platforms
will compliment each other. By paying
Rs 250 per month, one gets a huge
number of channels. It will be
difficult for an OTT model to come in
and cause disruption. I think the
emergence of OTT will be good for
consumers but it will co-exist with
Palia is of the opinion that English
entertainment viewers are not only
limited to Phase I and II areas of
digitisation, but phase III and IV
areas will also play vital role in
ensuring growth of the English
entertainment genre. “If we see the
social media insights, a huge number
of impressions are registered from
the phase III and IV areas. Those
areas are important and English
content consumers are very much
there. So I think time ahead will be
hugely positive.”

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  1. MUMBAI: A month after launching its
    HD feed, Viacom18’s English
    entertainment channel Comedy
    Central is now aiming to expand its
    viewers’ ‘happiness quotient’ with a
    new brand positioning, vibrant and
    richer look, and multiple new shows.
    Comedy Central will unveil its new and
    broader brand positioning ‘Your Happy
    Place’ today while adopting a new look
    with brighter colours and a new line-
    up of shows.
    The 3.5-year-old channel, which
    started its journey in India with the
    tagline ‘Laugh it off’, is taking a
    broader positioning with a new
    With ‘Your Happy Place’, the channel
    moves beyond laughing out loud to
    viewers’ channel-of-choice for feel-
    good and humorous content. The new
    brand positioning, Comedy Central
    claims, resonates with today’s
    common lingo on what makes people
    Viacom18 EVP and business head,
    English Entertainment Ferzad Palia
    said, “Since its launch, Comedy
    Central has been expressive and
    tongue-in-cheek while being
    irreverent and conversational. Now is
    the time to refresh our positioning to
    accurately reflect our programming
    and ideology, which is to be
    television’s premier destination where
    people find their #HappyPlace.”
    The channel is looking at bringing in a
    fresh take on its brand elements and
    content with this change. The new
    look will have slick animation and an
    overall design package that is easy on
    the eyes. Using the circle to signify
    locations and happy zones, these
    elements will also help to highlight
    each show.
    The programming line-up for
    September includes ‘Younger’, ‘Betty
    White’s Off Their Rockers’, ‘Your
    Family or Mine’ and ‘The Mindy
    Project Season 3’.

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