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Current Offers: Sun Direct SD and HD

Here is current offer details for Sun Direct New Connections

[color=#ff00ff]for Standard Definition[/color]

[color=#990000]1490 —- 1 month— Pick my pack[/color]

[color=#990000]1590 —- 2 months— Any regional Value Plus Pack.[/color]

[color=#990000]1490 —- 2 months — (Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam or Kannada) Cinema Plus Pack[/color]

[color=#ff00ff]For High Definition[/color]

[color=#ff0000]2940 —- 2 months — Any (Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam or Kannada) Value Pack or Cinema Plus pack[/color]

[color=#ff0000]3690 —- 6 months — Any (Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam or Kannada) Value pack or Cinema Plus pack[/color]

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  1. HD offer is good with 6months they just need to add some sport HD

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