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D2H Added NDS Encryption in 11483 V TP

Today D2H Added 1 more Encryption VideoGuard/NDS for 11483 V 44995 TP . They are using Irdeto till now as i know. Tatasky also using the same VideoGuard/NDS Encryption .
Any chance of sharing TP/Channels by both DTH ?
D2H is changing it’s ecryption
using double encryption ?


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  1. Lets see how this goes. It will be good move to stop piracy.

  2. So they might have opted NDS for new encryption.

  3. corrected spelling..
    They are just testing double encryption like Dish tv

  4. Sorry for the Spelling mistake of “VideoGuard. I have reported to correct them


  6. One more thing i have noticed that all those channels in above mentioned TP is having AAC [/B] Audio. dont know whether it was already AAC Audio existed or not in those channels.

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