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  1. Presently it’s in testing mode. Dish TV may have to get permissions once the channels added in this TP to add in their Network.

  2. why dish tv not added this in box?

  3. lol !! good one . i like it . 🙂

  4. DD never likes me to post updates first. They wait for me to finish scan or wait for Dayag and changes just before he scans.

  5. Perhaps it’s grace of God which helps the timings :D. most of the changes happen in certain time . if we are scaning at that hour then we will get them.

  6. Just ask Amatan about his scanning experiences 🙂 Dish tv and his scan timings mostly never match

  7. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’30397′ dateline=’1419432128′]
    everytime you scan you get something new 🙂

    :rolleyes::love: Thanks.

  8. everytime you scan you get something new 🙂

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