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DD PUNJABI left ABS2 @75*E-Back now.

DD PUNJABI Has been removed from ABS 2 TP 11791, H, 44000


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  1. exactly the same from me too. Very very less chance of Tatasky getting TPs from ABS2. as per my calculations there is no sufficiant TP ie: atleast 15 TP for them.

  2. But I still do not think about chances of Tatasky here. Anyway lets see

  3. I am saying the same thing bro, all existing channels will be run from both satellites while new addition wold only happen on new satellite from the point migration starts

  4. My point is tatasky will not add a hand count new channels from new TPs if its from new satellite. firstly they will add atleaset 50% existing popular channels . then only they start to realign and add new channels.

  5. Arrey bro airtel did the same thing, till the time migration is completed for all customers all existing channels are aired from both satellites , only diff being that new channels are added from new satellite from the point that migration starts and when customers call they are told that an engineer will realign ur dish to new satellite

  6. By the way who will get the new channels from new satellite ? every subscriber has to realign if they want them and they has to leave the existing channels from Insat 4A. every one will turn the Dish only if they get all channels.
    so why they add new channels from new TP of new satellite ?

  7. Brother, u r not getting the point. Actually in July 2013 they have decided to surrender all transponders of Insat 4A and move to Foreign Satellite so any how they will migrate to new satellite. Also the major reason for migrating to new satellite is to get more transponders, they will do MPEG4 Migration slowly and in the mean time add extra transponders too

  8. There is no need to add new channels from new satellite if any .already they have ample space to add channels . they are migrating MPEG2 Channels to MPEG4 almost every day . so space is already with them.

  9. Something big would happen in coming days, even on Tata Sky EPG Banner is appearing at regular intervals. May be they will add some new chs from new satellite

  10. One more Audio PID added in this channel. both audio is working with same language.


  11. Channel is back again.

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