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Details of new satellite Eutelsat 25B at 25.5E

Ariane 5 successfully launches with Eutelsat 25B at 25.5E on 29th August, 2013.

The Eutelsat 25B satellite is built on the 1300 satellite bus, and will provide a follow-on to the EUTELSAT 25C satellite, which currently is operated at 25.5 degrees East.

The bird sports four steerable spot beam antennas and four deployable reflectors, along with advanced command and telemetry capabilities, and is designed for a service life of 15 years or more.

Technical Details.

Downlink Frequencies: KU:10.95 – 11.20 GHz + 11.45 – 11.70 GHz / Ka: 21.4 – 22.0 GHz
Transponder Bandwidth: 33/50 MHz
Orbit Position: 25.5 degree East
Operational Transponders: 24 (Ku-band), 14 (Ka-band)

Eutelsat 25B Downlink Coverage details.

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