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Discovery Channel to air ‘The Lion Queens of India’ from 28 September

MUMBAI: A team of brave heart female
forest guards are on a mission to
preserve the endangered species of
the Asiatic lions. These courageous
women risk their lives every day to
rescue vulnerable lions, heal
defenseless cubs, reduce human-
animal conflict and assist villagers
who face accidental animal attacks.
Discovery Channel’s ‘The Lion Queens
of India’ highlights these women
forest guard’s unwavering
commitment to preserve the lions and
its habitat and offers an ode to their
spirit and dedication.
The four-part series brings alive some
of the most daring wildlife action
sequences on television for the first
time. From rescuing a lion stuck in an
open well, healing a badly injured
lioness with three little cubs in the
middle of the night, retrieving a
wayward leopard from a farmer’s
house or catching and releasing a
deadly Russell’s viper are all part of
their daily job.
Premiering on 28 September at 9 pm,
‘The Lion Queens of India’ showcases
the amazing achievements of these
women who are committed to saving
the lions. The programme promises to
awe and inspire the viewers with the
strength and finesse showcased by
these forest guards.
Commenting on the series, Rahul
Johri EVP & GM – South Asia,
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said,
“Discovery Channel recognises Indian
women forest guards who are holding
one of most dangerous and impactful
professions. ‘The Lion Queens of
India’ captures an inspirational
journey of skilled women team in the
wild and highlights riveting real-life
challenges they face during the
course of their duty. ”
The rescue team is headed by Raj
Sandeep, Deputy Conservator of
Forests (Junagadh Forest Division);
assisted by Trupti A. Joshi, In-charge
Range Officer and Rasila P. Vadher,
In-Charge Rescue Team.
An exceptional 28-year-old forest
guard, Rasila Vadher, along with many
other gallant women have carried out
over 600 rescue missions last year –
perhaps amongst the highest number
in any wildlife park in the world.
Get ready to witness the legendary
act of the lion-hearted women of Gir
National Park as they save, serve and
protect the lions and other wildlife on
28 September and 5 October at 9 pm on
Discovery Channel.

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