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Discovery ID channel added lcn 128 on Dish tv from nss6

Discovery ID Channel added on Dish tv lcn 128 from Nss6 TP
currently scrambled


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  1. Now channel is in test run the regular transmission will start from August 01,2014

  2. Very nice images Mj786 & Bhavan.

  3. I think these channels should come in HD if not nobody will care about these kind of channels.yes if Hindi feed will be available then it can get some mileage from Mass(Depending on content).

  4. So only Hindi feed available ?

  5. The Channel As The Name Suggest Is An Investigating Stories i.e. Police Stories of Amerian MAFIA Era, Dubbed Into Hindi.. The English Version Stories Have Been Seen On Various Channels From Long Back.

    As DAS Is Made Compulsory and Advertisement Limit by Government of India, So To Generate More Revenue These Type of Channels Are Launched…

  6. who watches 🙁 i never get much time to watch these , maybe sadiq or bhaskar can tell about it

  7. Any good programs ?

  8. Images of Discovery ID Channel , very poor quality in this channel as of now.

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]


  9. This is very surprising addition.when this channel is added in siticable Digital that time only we predicted it will come in dish TV but we did not expected it will come this much early.Superb update MJ786 bro.

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