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Discovery Kids and Discovery Tamil added on Dishtv

Discovery Kids and Discovery Tamil are added on Dishtv from Asiasat TPs

here are first screenshots of these 2 channels.. First time on DTH.. discovery tamil


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  1. These two channels are in place of Test 22 & Test 24. Only test channel available is Test 25 now

  2. good addition but all the time give preference to south india?

  3. Very good screen shots MJ & Sadiq.

  4. [color=#FF0000][size=x-large][align=center]Discovery TAMIL Added On LCN 929[/align][/size][/color]



    [color=#FF0000][size=x-large][align=center]Discovery KIDS Added On LCN 515[/align][/size][/color]



  5. Discovery Kids added on 515, Discovery Tamil added on 929

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