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Discovery looks at ‘The Magic of Science’

MUMBAI: Factual entertainment channel Discovery Channel launches tonight a new show ‘The Magic Of Science’.
This is a new series featuring illusions performed by an ensemble of fresh, innovative magicians in front of live spectators. The twist – each feat isbacked by real science, with an explanation and breakdown to prove it.
The nine-part series is a part of Discovery’s block ‘Ultimate Discovery’ and starts tonight 11 February at 9 pm. Episodes begin with impromptu tricks captured by hidden cameras and culminate in full-scale, elaborate stunts in a melding of magic and science. Theresult is a blending of theatrical exhibition and empirical principles, bolstered by the beforeand after reactions of the audience.
The show looks to elevate the purely entertaining aspect of magic to new heights by proposing seemingly impossible endeavours, executing them flawlessly, and ultimately disclosing the scientific reality as the featured magicians, Canadian female, Billy Kidd, American WayneHouchin, Briton Ben Hanlin and Australian James Galea explore thephysics, chemistry, biology and a little pure Einstein that make illusions possible. The magicians are filmed in New York, London, and Warsaw with the help of bothhidden and open cameras for the largest possible impact.
From a new scientific lie detector test, a silver bracelet that transforms into gold, to mind-reading metal and burning ice cubes, the magicians transform sceptical viewers into astonished believers by doing the opposite of what they usually do: showing us how the tricks are done. The talented troop of magicians, each armed with their unique style of delivery, challengesonlookers with inconceivable claims and seamless execution, all through the very real magic of science. Live audiences and home viewers alike will be stunned by the tricks themselves as well as their real world applications.

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