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Discovery Science to launch Season 6 of ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’

MUMBAI: Discovery Science is back
with the sixth season of its hit series
‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan
Launching on 4 July, the show will air
every Saturday at 10 pm and will
tackle tough topics like race, religion
and our future as a species. From the
topics of bigotry to whether reality is
virtual, to the human proclivity to
lying, the new season will challenge
everything one knows about space,
time, and morality.
Executive producer and host of the
series Morgan Freeman said, “I am
thrilled to be announcing the premiere
of the sixth season of ‘Through the
Wormhole’. When we first began this
journey, I never imagined how many
questions could be examined and how
far mankind could push the boundaries
of what was possible. This season,
we’ve given the series a bold new look
and the questions are more
provocative than ever. I know fans
both old and new to the show will not
be disappointed.”
Each episode will feature experts,
thinkers, and scientists presenting
groundbreaking theories. Every week,
viewers will be challenged to consider
new perspectives and ideas that push
the envelope of conventional
television. This season also has a new
look with an inspired set design and
interactive features.
Episodes such as ‘Are We All Bigots?’
ask how we would react if we had less
than one second to make a life-or-
death decision to shoot a man who
might be armed with a lethal weapon.
‘Can Time Go Backwards?’ will ask if
our experience of the ticking clock is
merely a trick of the mind. Could
science ever make the clock move
‘Are We Here for a Reason?’ will
present a new theory that suggests
that instead of passing on genes, our
ultimate purpose is to process and
pass on information. We are the
universe figuring itself out.
‘Do We Live in the Matrix?’ will
showcase scientists in a variety of
fields studying the possibility that we
live in a virtual reality. Scientists are
looking for glitches in the laws of the
universe that may uncover its hidden
The episode ‘Are Aliens Inside Us?’
will put forward that a lot of our DNA
is from a mysterious, nonhuman
source. Theoretically, alien microbial
life can make the journey to Earth
from distant worlds, and scientists
have found some unearthly microbes in
our upper atmosphere.
‘Why Do We Lie?’ will investigate if
our brains are wired for lying from a
young age. The brains of pathological
liars may provide insights. Will
technology make it easier for us to be
dishonest, or could it someday
instantly reveal someone is lying?

Discovery Science to launch Season 6 of ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’

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