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Discovery to showcase ‘India’s Wandering Lions’ on 6 July at 9 pm

MUMBAI: Infotainment broadcaster
Discovery Channel will air ‘India’s
Wandering Lions’, a special one hour
programme that uncovers a
mesmerizing story of Asiatic lions
which were once on the brink of
The increased numbers of Asiatic lions
have forced the big predators to spill
over the borders of the Gir Forest
National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary
and find a way to become an integral
part of the farming community in
‘India’s Wandering Lions’ will
premiere on 6 July at 9 pm on
Discovery Channel.
Discovery Channel cameras get special
access in and around the Gir Forest
National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
to uncover the story of these lions as
they adapt their savannah hunting
instincts to work alongside humans in
starlit fields and orchards. The
programme offers unbelievable
testimonies of villagers and people
from the farming community about
their camaraderie with the big cats
who have become an integral part of
their lives and their co-existence
with minimal conflict.
Discovery executive VP, GM South Asia
Rahul Johri said, ”Discovery Channel
is always committed to present
unmatched stories about India to
viewers around the world. India’s
Wandering Lions is a fascinating story
about the survival of Asiatic Lions
amongst human beings and will force
the audience to rethink their views
about these dangerous predators.”
Tracking lions over three years,
Discovery’s programme captures the
extremely rare occurrences of lion’s
daily living and opens the door to
Indian wildlife of the Gir Forest
National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary
like never before. The cameras also
capture incredible animal species like
hyenas, jungle cats, leopards,
jackals, nilgai’s, wild boars,
porcupines, deer among others
roaming unhindered right next to
villages, in orchards and fields with
people totally unaware of their
presence. Viewers will get up and
close with the wildlife as the
deployment of special thermal,
starlight, infrared and hidden cameras
capture striking images.
‘India’s Wandering Lions’ has been
produced by Kosmik Global Media in
association with Discovery Channel.

Discovery to showcase ‘India’s Wandering Lions’ on 6 July at 9 pm

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