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DISH truHD+ OFFERS for February 2013

DISH truHD+ OFFERS W.E.F 21st FEB 2013.

HD OFFER – All India
Dish TruHD+ BAREBOX @ 3099
HD EXCHANGE OFFER BAREBOX @ 3099 with Rs 600 CASHBACK (All other conditions remain unchanged)
Multi TV Dish TruHD+ BAREBOX @ 2499


[size=small]PACK ACTIVATION AMOUNT:[/size] [/color]

Customer is free to select any pack but Minimum pack activation amount required to be submitted will be Rs. 250. Number of active days will vary with the pack selected. So, if Rs. 250 pack activation amount is submitted then a South Super HD World pack sub will get 19 days while a South Super HD Royale pack sub will get 13 days Please note minimum pack activation amount is Rs. 250 and customers can submit any amount over this. So if a customer wants South Super HD Royale pack and submits Rs. 560 as pack activation amount then he will get South Super HD Royale pack for 1 Month

[color=#FF0000]This means activation amount now has two parts: Normal Activation amount + Pack activation amount. So, minimum amount to be collected for HD connection is 3099 + 250 = 3349 [/color]

[size=medium]INSTALLATION CHARGES [/size]

The above offer prices are ALL INCLUSIVE and include installation charges

[color=#000080][size=small]No Change [/size][/color]

There is no change in South SD/Dish+ individual and multi TV offers

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