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Dish TV adds 9X Jalwa and Aditya TV Channels

Dish TV added Aditya Channel on LCN: 927. At present it is just blank
9X Jalwa is added on LCN: 674




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  1. Free preview of 9X Jalwa is upto 1st July and no mention about Aditya Channel in it. So, its officially confirmed that there is no free preview for Aditya Channel.

  2. [quote=’Viki’ pid=’9443′ dateline=’1338914928′]
    What is the price of Aditya TV in Dish TV?

    Rs. 17 per month

  3. What is the price of Aditya TV in Dish TV?

  4. [size=large][color=#FF0000][align=center]Official Confirmation[/align][/color][/size]


  5. I am getting “unsubscribed channel” message on Aditya Channel 🙁
    Usually Dish gives one month free preview for any new channel. But no free preview for Aditya channel

  6. Very good news for Tamil customers using Dish tv 🙂 It has added yet another Tamil channel. Sun Direct has to learn.

  7. Aditya Channel was blank in the morning. But from about 9:30 Hrs, it is fine. Here are couple of screen shots



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