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Dish Tv changes its symbol rate for a frequency

Dish Tv changed its symbol rate for the frequency 12647 V 27500 to 12647 V 30000. MJ786 has mentioned this will happen on [url=http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–My-Dish-Tru-HD-stb-updated-with-images?pid=13542#pid13542]23-1-13[/url] and once again mentioned it on [url=http://www.dthhelp.net/Thread–TV5-Monde-removed-from-NSS6-Shifted-to-Asiasat-5?pid=14367#pid14367]28-02-2013[/url]


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  1. [quote=’tsrocks’ pid=’15530′ dateline=’1365162588′]
    what it will benefit

    Chance of adding few more channels.

  2. good, as it was expected they had changed SR. And now they will be adding few more SD channels 🙂

  3. what it will benefit

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