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Dish TV does not offer Value for money

digitization round the corner and set top box being mandatory, everyone is
looking for the best offer by DTH providers. It is still important to know
what you want rather than what providers are offering. I did a comparison of
offerings by Dish TV and Tata Sky. Here is what I got to know:

70 channels Free from Dish TV:

– It is important to know that the offer
is of 70 FTA channels mainly consisting of DD channels. DD channels maybe
more important in teir 2, tier 3 regions so not a good move for the teir 1

– There is a Clause that states “the users will have to get their
set top boxes recharged at least every six month
with a minimum of Rs. 200” so the title is
misleading as one has to pay at least twice a year to remain active.

– It also states only 50 video channels and 20 audio channels

Sky’s EDI scheme for new subscribers:

– The offer is applicable for subscribers going for a standard
connection and Supreme Sports Kids pack which consist a wide range of Sports,
GEC, Music and kids channels.

– At just Rs. 400 subscribers will get their connection installed
and the balance amount for the connection will then be charged to the
subscriber’s account by way of EDI of Rs 4, for a period of 365 (active)
days. This reduces the burden of paying the entire amount in one go.

– The Offer also entitles the customer to 1 month free viewing of
the Dhamaal Mix Pack.

If one
is really going to watch only DD channels then it might be a good offer for
them from Dish TV else Tata Sky’s offering clearly mention’s the charges and
advantages that new subscribers can avail.

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  1. Nice comparison.

    Dish tv is cheating. Why to pay them to watch DD+ channels? Normal Mpeg2 settop box which is enough to watch DD+ costs around Rs.700 and Dish LNB etc.,. will cost around 300-400rs in total.

    We don’t need to worry about paying 200rs every 6 months and also suffering with a locked stb.

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