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Dish tv, enjoy Rs.11 Cash back on premium a-la-carte packs

[i]Dish tv ke saath Shubsh shagun [/i]

Enjoy Rs.11 Cash back on premium a-la-carte packs.

A-La-Carte Packs

Enjoy cashback on all of the below A-la-carte Pack

Neo Plus (NEO SPORTS, NEO PRIME) Rs. 45 Code – 656

Top Scorer (TEN SPORTS, TEN ACTION) Rs.35 Code – 600

Mod Non Stop (MOVIE ON DEMAND) Rs.35 Code – 254

Firang Entertainment (AXN, STAR WORLD, FOX CRIME, Zcafe) Rs.30 Code – 454

English Entertainment (PRIME, SPARK, love, UTV WORLD, MGM) Rs. 40 Code – 421

English Joy (ZTrendz, SONIC, BBC entertainment, CBeebies, Discovery Kids, Bloomberg Tv) Rs.40 Code – 513

Adventure Pack (FOX Traveller, ANIMAL PLANET, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL) Rs.35 Code – 464

Order Now! Just SMS to 57575


*For sports pack, cash back will be given in 30days. For rest, it will be given in 2 cycles of 30 days & 60 days.


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