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dish tv flix

Dishtv new service dish flix launch coming days.this is a saprate product use only dishtv hd aur hd + boxes.this product use inbuilt hard disk .use product atteched hd boxes usb socket.inbuilt 50 movies view any time and product movies upgrade time to time.more info very soon.


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  2. 1)      Can I use my own USB device?
    No. The DishFlix service will only work with the Flix Box that the customer has bought from Dish TV
    2)      Can I use my Flix Box on any other set top box?
    No. The Flix Box is meant to be used only with the STB on which you have activated. It will not work on any other STB.
    3)      Can I use my Flix Box on any other external device other than STB (PC, Laptop, etc.)?

    No. The Flix Box is only meant to be used with your Dish TV STB. If used or formatted on any 3rd party device all the contents of the Box will be erased and the DishFlix service will be terminated.

    4)      Can I view the contents on Flix Box on any other device?
    No. The movie content on the Flix Box can only be played on the designated STB.
    5)      What should I do to allow movies to be downloaded onto my Flix Box/ How does Flix works?
    New movies are periodically pushed to your Flix Box from the satellite. To allow for this process, you need to keep your STB on standby mode (Red LED glowing) when not in use. If the STB is switched or plugged off then the movies will not be pushed and the content on your Flix Box will not be refreshed.  A new movie will be available every 2 days. During these two days the movie will be on air for pushing onto your Flix Box. Your Set top box needs to be on standby mode (Red Led Glowing) for at least 4 hours during these 2 days in order for the movie to be fully downloaded and available for viewing.
    6)      I am keeping my STB on standby mode, still the content on my Flix Box is not getting refreshed. What should I do?
    If the content is not getting refreshed despite the STB being on standby mode, then follow the following steps
    i)                    Remove and reinsert the Flix Box cable from the USB slot in the STB
    ii)                   Restart the STB
    iii)                 If the problem still persist , please call customer care
    7)      What happens to my Flix Box if my STB goes

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