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Dish TV Forced Upgrade Issue

Hello, I need help with my Dishtv stb. Last night due to heavy rain dish was not showing any channel. Even now when rain is over, it still shows no signal. I used Menu to go into stb settings and used erase EPG. The dish went to a forced software upgrade. I clicked OK to continue but both the strength and quality are at 0% and the upgrade is not moving forward. I saw that there were’two options, OK to continue the upgrade and BACK to cancel it but I’ve tried clicking both of them. Nothing happens, the loading screen comes for a while and then a window pops up saying an error upgrade when forced upgrade. 
Plz I really need help with this issue

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  1. As you said both Signal and quality is 0% then there might be some issue with cable or LNB or dish alignment, kindly check that and then only you can update your box.

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