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DISH TV Has 36 TruHD Channels

DISH TV Adds 6 New HD Channel Taking Its Tally To 36 TruHD Channels



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  1. They are calling as King of HD with 36 HD channels

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]


  2. Dish tv is always Lazy in updating sites etc.. right now their systems are down 😀 and their C C number is busy

  3. oh this is for trade partners not for public. i thought they updated the dish official site

  4. where did you see this poster, dish tv website still not updated, none of the info we have here in this forum regarding new channels and packs are available in dishtv site so not able to change it through website

  5. Dont know which one they are not counting, because i think they have 37 if include baby tv HD as they are doing it

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