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Dish tv HD Box Issue – Steps to update with Patch

Dish tv HD boxes some models of Zenega have some issues as even my box is having such problem of hanging after few mins.

Here they have now given steps to update it , but it didnt work yet to me. Hope someone else gets benefited.

Below steps to be followed for patch upgrade –

1.For fresh boxes (new box after unpacking)- no special steps required , box will automatically upgrade the new patch.Installer to follow normal installation process.
2.For old boxes – below steps to be followed

A. Select any channel – press & hold “menu” key for 8 seconds – box will enter installation menu.

B. Select ->”Forced software upgrade” ->” firmware upgrade ” & pressing OK key twice.
C.Box will start upgrading the new patch automatically.

3.From tommorow onwards we will enable automatic upgrade for all boxes then above steps will not be required even for old boxes.


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  1. Good update @MJ786 brooo

  2. After doing OTA again now new problem is found , previously it used to Hang full box.. but now it is not displaying Video on HD channels but audio working and on SD channels both audio and video works.. strange 😀

  3. this problem was mainly with Zenega 6000 box.. so they released patch for Zenega only i think . Is there any problem with Arion HD also?

  4. mj software upgrade is for Zenega box or for all boxes

  5. OTA manually done but still it hangs the box 😀


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