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Dish TV HD pack prices for Annual and Semi Annual

Dish TV HD Packs for annual and semi annual subscription.

[size=medium]Annual Pack[/size]
Super HD Royale Pack [s]Rs.599[/s] Rs.533 Save Rs.798 and Rs.6390 for 1 year
Super HD Premiere Pack [s]Rs.499[/s] Rs.499 Save Rs.598 and Rs.5390 for 1 year
Super HD World Pack [s]Rs.399[/s] Rs.358 Save Rs.498 and Rs.4290 for 1 year

[size=medium]Semi Annual[/size]
Super HD Royale Pack [s]Rs.599[/s] Rs.558 Save Rs.244 and Rs.3350 for 6 months
Super HD Premiere Pack [s]Rs.499[/s] Rs.475 Save Rs.144 and Rs.2850 for 6 months
Super HD World Pack [s]Rs.399[/s] Rs.375 Save Rs.144 and Rs.2250 for 6 months

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