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Dish TV launches Zing for Telugu market, pack starts at Rs 99

MUMBAI: After launching in West Bengal, Tripura, Odisha and Maharashtra, Dish TV has launched its second brand Zing Digital for the Telugu market. Specially conceptualised keeping in mind the Telugu viewers who are migrating to the digital platform, the Zing bouquet will be available from Rs 99 (inclusive of taxes) upwards. The Rs 99 Namaskaram Pack will have all free-to-air (FTA) channels and services, including 16 Telugu channels. This is unlike the other four states where Zing is offering only three packages. In West Bengal, Tripura and Odisha, the packs are priced at Rs 175, Rs 249 and Rs 349 (all inclusive of taxes). “The two states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are low-ARPU markets and their primary consumption is Telugu channels, unlike other states where they also subscribe to Hindi content. So we decided to offer this pack with only FTA Telugu channels,” Dish TV CEO RC Venkateish told TelevisionPost.com. In fact, viewers who want other pay Telugu channels can have them for an additional charge of Rs 39. So for Rs 138 per month, they can enjoy all the Telugu channels. When asked about the expected number of subscribers from the two states, Venkateish said that the opportunity is big as there is a lot of ground to cover. “I would not like to give numbers, but as you can see, it’s a huge analogue market,” he said. The two Telugu-speaking states together have close to 15 per cent share of overall cable homes in India. Meanwhile, other Zing packs in these markets are priced at Rs 165 (Shubharam Pack), Rs 199 (Krirdangam pack) and Rs 349 (Utsawam pack). The Shubharam pack will have Hindi entertainment, apart from Telugu channels, while Kridangam pack will have sports channels. The Utsavam pack will offer a complete dose of entertainment with all sports channels, English entertainment, and maximum 38 Telugu channels and services. The box is available for Rs 1,099 with Rs 200 as installation charges. The company said that its bouquet of services is based on a consumer survey revealing the most-watched channels in this region. Dish TV COO Salil Kapoor said, “Our consumer demographic study has indicated that a large segment of TV viewers from medium and small towns prefer content from their own region. Zing will address this need and provide maximum available regional content [38 Telugu channels and services] to viewers through exciting packs as compared to other DTH brands.” There will be a dedicated Telugu call centre and local dealers will be empowered to solve all service-related issues, the company said. “Zing is our unique initiative where a completely new brand is being launched to address this need for regional content. Now not only will packages cater to specific audiences across states, but even communication will be in the customer’s language of choice,” Kapoor added.

Read more at: http://www.televisionpost.com/dth/dish-tv-launches-zing-digital-for-telugu-market-pack-starts-at-rs-99/ | TelevisionPost.com

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